Can I play American Mah Jongg in the UK?

American Mah Jongg can be played anywhere in the world. Players would need to have a game card (listing the winning hands), an American Mah Jongg set (that contains 152 tiles for the game - it may also contain extra tiles, including blank tiles which can be used to replace those that get damaged or misplaced) and, ideally, a group of 4 people to play. Amended versions of the game can also be played with 2 or 3 players.

There are many American Mah Jongg players in the UK and other parts of the world, however, you may need to search around a little to find them. You might also like to play online, against the computer, other live players, or a combination of these. The article linked here gives an overview of the main online games offering American Mah Jongg.

GAME CARD: There are several publishers of game cards, the most well-known being the National Mah Jongg League (NMJL). The NMJL publishes its card each year at the end of March.

GAME SETS: Ensure it is compliant with American Mah Jongg. The set will need to have 152 tiles (though it may contain extras), with at least 8 flowers and 8 jokers, pushers and dice. The three tile suits should contain tiles numbered from 1-9 (4 of each tile), the winds should be labeled North, South, East and West (4 of each) and there should be red, green and white dragons (4 of each).