How to improve as a Mahjong player when you're a beginner?

Practice is absolutely key when you're getting to grips with Mahjong and the rules of the game. If you're learning American Mah Jongg, then provides some great resources. These include:

  • BEGINNER'S GUIDE: This Beginner's Guide covers all the basics of the game
  • CHEAT SHEET: It's a one-pager with a summary of the key concepts/rules
  • STRATEGY GUIDE: This Strategy Guide will help take your game to the next level
  • EXERCISE ROOM: Several Mah Jongg exercises are offered to build your skills
  • PRACTICE MODE: Playing online using the Practice Mode will offer you hand suggestions as you play
  • HOW-TO-VIDEOS: If you need help using the I Love Mahj platform, check out our How-To Videos
  • KNOWLEDGE BASE: Feel free to search for info regarding our game in the Knowledge Base
  • TEACHERS DIRECTORY If you’d like to find a local teacher or learn with an online school, check out our Teachers Directory
  • BOOKS: We also have some great American Mah Jongg book recommendations