What tiles are used in American Mah Jongg (and how many of each are there)?

An American Mah Jongg set is composed of 152 tiles, including:

  • Number Tiles. There are 3 suits (cracks, dots and bams) and the numbers run from 1 to 9. There are 4 of each tile.
  • Winds. There are 4 types of wind tiles: North, East, West, South. There are 4 tiles of each.
  • Dragons. There are 3 types of dragons: Green Dragon, Red Dragon, White Dragon (also called Soap). There are 4 of each.
  • Flowers. There are 8 flowers in a set.
  • Jokers. There are 8 jokers in a set.

In addition to tiles, players would need the following: 4 racks (one for each player's tiles) and dice. Some American Mah Jongg sets also include a betting device, extra Flowers, extra jokers, and blank tiles. It is handy to have blank tiles, as these can be used to replace lost of damaged tiles.

More details

Traditional Chinese mahjong sets contain 144 tiles. An American Mah Jongg set contains eight additional joker tiles, taking the number of tiles up to 152.