If, on the last pass right of the second Charleston, all four players want to blind pass one tile, can everyone just pass 2 tiles and eliminate the blind tile? Otherwise, no one has a third tile to pass.

No, players must always pass three tiles either from their own hand or by stealing. In this situation:

  1. Typically East will go first passing the amount of tiles she can, let's say she only has 2 to pass as stated in this example.
  2. East will also state that she owes that player 1 additional tile.
  3. Now, the player on East's right can steal from the two tiles received from East and pass 3 tiles to their right.
  4. This continues around the table until the 4th player passes 3 tiles to East.
  5. East can now repay the IOU to the player on her right, by passing one of the tiles she just received.
  6. All players have now passed 3 tiles.